Kubija Holiday houses Camping is a group of wooden houses in a pine forest, close to a lake, offering a cheap accommodation in Estonian nature.

With advance booking, group events are possible. Our capacity is about 50 persons, depending on arrangement and can be more. For big groups we offer also possibility to place their tents.

Price is 15 euros per person per night. For longer stay and groups we can offer a cheaper price. Groups have a possibility to use a hall.

Fridge, electric cooking plates and kitchen utensils can be provided.

Towels and sheets are provided. Shower and toilet are in a separate house, but recent and decent. Water is also outside.

People at place speak Estonian and Russian, unfortunately not English, but have always managed to communicate the necessary with English-speaking customers.

If you wish to enquire anything in English, don’t hesitate to write

kubijakamping at pobox point com

(Aussi en français, anche in italiano, myös vähän suomea & ein bisschen Deutsch.:-))


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